This is the official BattleAsya online store.



We wish you a Happy New Year!


Please note that:

All payments here are processed and received via Buycraft, an e-commerce platform dedicated to handle the Minecraft server-related transaction (In-Game Ranks, and other cosmetic features etc) . Let us express our sincere gratitude that you are here because you would like to support us! All your donation would be beneficial to the community. here will be We would ensure that you would receive what you have paid for when the payment comes through. 

It is a fully manual process and this could probably take up to more than 2 to 24 hours before your purchased features to be applied/delievered to you. Please be patient, and we would try out utmost effort to provide you with your purchased features at soon as possible. However, in the worst case scenario, that would be: If your purchased features were still not being applied after 24 hours, you shall contact us immediately. Please provide valid proofs, including the Transaction ID via our official email: service.battleasya@gmail.com Under no circumstances shall you contact Mojang about concerns on the payment, as, BattleAsya is not afflicated with Mojang and they have nothing to do with the payments to BattleAsya.

Thank you!

Our No Refund Policy:

All purchasable items on this store are all Digital Intangible Items, which, in no way, could it be returned. Consequently,  there is a strict no refund policy. All chargebacks and disputes will result in a permanent IP ban from the BattleAsya Network. You will also be banned from other major buycraft websites, preventing you from donating to other international servers, which are using the system as well.


Terms and condition

You have agreed that:

1. This is an one-off payment. All your items would be permanently effective.
2. I am willing to donate and I have acknowledged that there is a strict no refund policy. All chargebacks and disputes will result in a permanent IP ban from the BattleAsya Network.
3. You are still abided by the server constitution. Any violations will have no exemption from punishment.
4. You are not allowed to resell, transfer or simply give the VIP accounts to others, without prior approvals. 
5. Staff ranks are NOT guaranteed even you have donated.
6. The interpretation and implementation of your purchased features would be reserved by the Government of BattleAsya. Everything could be subject to change.



If you have further questions, feel free to mail us at service.battleasya@gmail.com!

You can purchase through PayPal without account registration.